Fail, for crying out loud!

Have you ever thought about doing something or maybe even started it, but then convinced yourself you couldn’t do it? I have so been there.

How many of those times do I sit and regret my decision to not try something? Almost every time. Let’s say 99.9% of the time.

Why then, do I, and why do you not do that thing you are scared of?

Is there a logical reason for you to be afraid. Are you going to lose your arm if you try it? Are you going to die? Is your reputation at risk? These are probably good reasons to be freaked out… but chances are, you don’t want to do it because you are afraid of failure.

Well, that is crap. I’m sorry. Don’t put yourself there.

If you have taken the step to start your own business, or if you are considering whether it is worth the risk; there is one little thing you should know. Successful business people take risks all the time. Yes, sometimes they are educated risks–but honestly!

Think of one successful business person you admire. Anyone!! Seriously, do it!

Did the person you think of get where they are by sitting on their couch and twiddling their thumbs? Did they come to their success by doing the same thing everyone else does?
Have they decided to take risks?

I challenge you to find one person who is considered a successful business person who didn’t at some point have to make a decision that could have skyrocketed them to success or face-planted them with failure…

YOU stand out by doing something different from all the rest. We all know that. But with different comes unknown, uncharted territory.

I challenge you, and myself really, to stop being afraid of failure and take that step of faith. If you fail once or twice or three thousand times, pick yourself up off the ground and try again. Tweak ideas and get better.

It’s worth the risk.


Yoohoo!!! Calling all personalities!

Where’d your personality go!? I know you have one!!!

Why do you throw your personality out the window when it comes to representing your creative business? It is YOUR creative business after all! If you are to stand out from the massive crowd of creatives, you must have that something that infuses your business with originality.

And what do you have that no one else has…??? Your very own personality!

Your personality may be the reason you connect with that potential customer. The one that would normally visit your listing, see nothing special or convincing, and bounce right on out of there…

So next time  you send an email to represent your business or buy business cards (and yes, you should! check out or write a blog post, don’t forget the most important element…YOU!

Here’s a to-do for your list: Write a new blog post featuring your very own personality and post a link in the comments below! Can’t wait to read them!!!

P.S. If you decide to by those business cards, use this code, 2RB2CK, to get 15% off your first order at!

P.P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day!! ❤

Gleaning Knowledge

Okay, so I have to admit I have been absolutely terrible at updating my blog, creating, and adding new items to my website lately. I guess you could say that I lost my motivation. That’s something that is easy for me to do. Good habits are difficult to create.

Because I know that I personally struggle with finding creative inspiration and internet marketing knowledge in a place that is easy to understand and easy to access, I wanted to share a few of my new favorite websites. I hope that you, my few–but faithful–followers, will find them helpful too.

Alright, here they are!

  • Check out Blacksburg Belle at for some amazing tips from a fellow creative. She helps you figure out how to price, how to stay inspired, shares excellent resources–and she’s a great example of an excellent blogger and someone who has started her own online business from the ground up.
  • Visit and sign up for B-school. She has some amazing tips on how to take the next step for your creative online business. She’s crazy fun and easy to listen to. It’ll make you love learning about marketing.

I know that when I have actually taken the tips and tools they’ve had to offer, my itsy bitsy business has done better. So stop being scared, and do something. That’s my goal!