Yoohoo!!! Calling all personalities!

Where’d your personality go!? I know you have one!!!

Why do you throw your personality out the window when it comes to representing your creative business? It is YOUR creative business after all! If you are to stand out from the massive crowd of creatives, you must have that something that infuses your business with originality.

And what do you have that no one else has…??? Your very own personality!

Your personality may be the reason you connect with that potential customer. The one that would normally visit your listing, see nothing special or convincing, and bounce right on out of there…

So next time  you send an email to represent your business or buy business cards (and yes, you should! check out moo.com) or write a blog post, don’t forget the most important element…YOU!

Here’s a to-do for your list: Write a new blog post featuring your very own personality and post a link in the comments below! Can’t wait to read them!!!

P.S. If you decide to by those business cards, use this code, 2RB2CK, to get 15% off your first order at moo.com!

P.P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day!! ❤


HELP ME: I’m not all here!!!

Maybe you’ve heard the quote by Jim Elliot? “Wherever you are, be all there.”

I grew up with these words constantly falling upon my ears.

It’s not easy, though the words are simple enough.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about a parallel idea that can be applied to everything. Simply stated it is this: Whatever you do, do it 100%. It just forces you to be just slightly introspective. 😉 My thoughts right now: “Ahhhh, no!! I’m too stinkin’ comfortable! I don’t want too!!!!! >:(” But why should I take an idea that could catapult my creative business and throw it out the window?! So I’m choosing to not ignore it.

What will happen if we really apply this idea to our lives?

It means no more mediocrity. No more mediocre descriptions. No more mediocre pictures. No more mediocre blog posts. 😐 No more mediocre products in my online shop. No more mediocre goals!

Will you join me in this new way of thinking??? Let’s leave laziness and blah-ness behind! Let’s do this! Starting now!

This means if we don’t know how, we will learn how together.

Share your thoughts here! What is one thing you need to improve this year to better your creative business?