Yoohoo!!! Calling all personalities!

Where’d your personality go!? I know you have one!!!

Why do you throw your personality out the window when it comes to representing your creative business? It is YOUR creative business after all! If you are to stand out from the massive crowd of creatives, you must have that something that infuses your business with originality.

And what do you have that no one else has…??? Your very own personality!

Your personality may be the reason you connect with that potential customer. The one that would normally visit your listing, see nothing special or convincing, and bounce right on out of there…

So next time  you send an email to represent your business or buy business cards (and yes, you should! check out moo.com) or write a blog post, don’t forget the most important element…YOU!

Here’s a to-do for your list: Write a new blog post featuring your very own personality and post a link in the comments below! Can’t wait to read them!!!

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P.P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day!! ❤


A Cure for Blindness

Descriptions. They are tricky little animals.

Are you guilty of that one-line? Maybe something like this…

“This is a pair of leaf earrings. They are gold and made of polymer clay.”

I’ve been guilty of it too. And I’m by no means perfect now either. But I think it’s something we should stop and consider for a moment. If you came across something new on the web {anywhere really} and the description sounded like this, would you consider buying it? Would those considered the very best in sales be able to get away with the same?

Chances are you would move on rather quickly. Why? Well, here are a few possible reasons…

  1. You don’t know enough about it.
  2. You can’t interact with the item or service.
  3. It seems unprofessional.
  4. You make no connection with the seller.
  5. It doesn’t set the seller apart from all the rest.

If you’re one of the offenders, don’t worry. First, almost all of us have been there at some point. Second, you can most definitely take steps leaps of progress.

Here are a few little tips to get you headed in the right direction!

  • Thoroughly explain the item as if you were describing it to someone who couldn’t see.
  • Use words that you have used to tag your items {if you sell on a platform such as etsy} in your item description.
  • Tell a story that relates to the item, how it should be used, or how it makes you feel.
  • Consider your target market. What will grab them?
  • Don’t be drab. Find your own voice, and use it. Original style stands out–even in something as small as an item description.

If you need to, go work on it now!!! It isn’t easy at first, but it becomes much easier with practice; so keep at it!

If you have any awesome tips or special tricks, feel free to share them with all of us!

Comment away!!!